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Spiretown: Second Edition

M/M (GAY) ROMANCE, Contemporary Fantasy

Published: December 10, 2017


Five year Anniversary Edition! Completely revised, rewritten and expanded!


It’s been several years since the end of the Mage wars. Those born with the taint of magic are sent to places like Spiretown: a city within a city that serves as a prison for its inhabitants.

Templar Battalion Commander Collin Anderfels is one of the wardens of Spiretown, protecting the plainblood citizens of Port Ari from the mage scourge behind the walls. But lately, a group of rebel mages inside of Spiretown are causing trouble, destroying the prison ghetto, one building at a time.

When Collin and his men follow up on an anonymous lead, within minutes, five men are dead, and Collin’s life is changed forever.

Logan Grey is a mage and the self-proclaimed mayor of Spiretown. He’s well acquainted with the criminals both in and outside of its walls. Until now, everything—including the Templars—have been under his control, but rebel mages, calling themselves the Red Seal, are threatening his way of life. When a church is destroyed, killing several Templars and some of Logan’s own people, he reaches out for help from a very unwilling source.

Somehow, beyond prejudice and deceit, these two unlikely partners find themselves becoming more than just allies. But can a love born from lies survive when the gates of hell are torn open?


Mercury's Orbit


Published: September 3, 2017


Sometimes, falling in love means falling apart.


Mercury Fie is a freak of many natures, created in a lab. Driven by desires and the imaginary fairies in his brain, he is directed by a moral compass set in the land of make-believe. Feared by criminals, hated by cops, and adored by the public, Mercury rules his illegal empire with a velvet fist and violent temper. 

Sean Argeneau is a good cop. Coming from a less-than-perfect childhood, he's the poster boy for overachievement and quiet humility. Although he makes little mention of his part in capturing the notorious Mercury Fie, he's tasked with transporting the mob boss to trial. As a former Federation pilot, Sean is no stranger to space travel, but the sickness he gets from jump-gates has kept him grounded.

Sean’s cynicism turns out to be his saving grace when everything that could possibly go wrong, does. He wakes up bound by police-issue handcuffs, and staring down the barrel of his own gun. Being a good cop hasn’t prepared him for surviving this insanely bad situation, and Mercury goes beyond any brand of crazy Sean has ever met.
When survival clashes with duty, both men must abandon their agendas to stay alive. But to make it work, Sean must succumb to a little bit of crazy, while Mercury struggles to understand what it's like to be sane.



Published: May 1, 2015


How far can a man go in the name of faith?

Father Gareth De'Aubyn is a man tormented by his past and ready to sell his future to save the souls of his flock. He’s traded his Crusader’s armor for a cassock, and now ministers to the very people his army sent fleeing for their lives. When his church is attacked by unknown assassins, Gareth is mortally wounded, and with his dying breath, he calls out to the Creator for help.

But his god does not answer.

Instead, a demon heeds his call, cajoling him to promise his soul to the Sunderer, god of the underworld, for a chance to set everything right.

Fydelis was once an angel. Gareth’s Guardian Angel. But his love for Gareth caused him to fall from the heavens, and the Angel of Fidelity has become the demonic aspect of Regret. He is now the unwilling plaything of the Sunderer, the darkest of all dark gods. Seeing his Crusader again—a man he thought had abandoned him— is more cruelty than he can take. Fydelis, now a stranger to Gareth, is sent to the mortal world to make the dying priest an offer he can’t refuse, and in return, Gareth is tasked with the collection of some very stubborn souls. 

Together, they begin a journey that will test everything they thought they knew about faith, love, and fidelity. 



Where Willows Won't Grow



Published: July 29, 2014


Undercover agent Alex Kley is a long way from home. Six months of investigation have brought him to Willow House, a high class brothel on Omanai Station, as beautiful on the outside as it is corrupt on the inside. Sold into sexual slavery to infiltrate an illegal prostitution ring, Alex must find the evidence he needs to bring down the leader of a powerful criminal cartel—a man who may not even be human. 

Illythe, the manager of Willow House, is a long way from freedom. The jet-skinned beauty with the face of an angel walks the halls of Willow House with serenity and authority, but underneath his cold and beautiful facade, Illythe is as much a slave as any of the young men working in the brothel. 

In an undercover operation, falling in love is the worst thing an agent can do, but Illythe is a mystery that Alex can’t resist. 

It doesn’t take long for Alex to realize that Illythe is not in his role by choice. Yet Illythe holds the holds the information Alex needs. The more Alex learns, the clearer it becomes, that when the cartel falls, Illythe will be buried in the rubble. 

In the end, Alex must make a choice: save Illythe and forfeit the mission, or leave him behind in a place where willows won’t grow. 



Published: Feb. 01, 2014

Kaidos Vailinn is a man trying hard to overcome his past. But being a Wanderer-born thief does not leave him many options in life. So when a stranger comes bearing a contract to kidnap a prostitute and deliver “her” overseas, he’s hard-pressed to find a reason to turn it down.
Veyl is the highest paid “companion” at the Silver Tree Manor, an upscale brothel in the village of Aaullsworthe. At the tender age of twenty, he is steeped in ennui and still reeling from a broken heart. When he is called to a room at the local inn, he is charmed by the handsome dark-skinned man who has paid for his services. However things get ugly once Kaidos realizes it's not a woman that he's brought to his bed.
What begins as a journey full of discord slowly evolves into love, but the ruthless ambition of a dying tyrant threatens to separate Kaidos and Veyl forever. Kaidos must convince a group of unlikely allies and an army to help him rescue the man whose love is worth more to him than a king’s ransom.




Published: Aug. 29, 2013

In a society ruled by the Aristocracy, Sev’s biggest dream is to become a slave—someone protected from a harsh existence in the ghetto, and cherished under his Master’s thumb. But being a slave is too high a calling for one as low as Sev. He is marked by both circumstance and features that are less than perfect.
Demetrie, a bored and rebellious Aristocrat, “wins” the talented young acrobat through a game of cards and decides to take him home.
Caught between Demetrie’s anger and his lust, Sev endures both punishment and pleasure for his Master’s approval, but soon he desires his love. Yet Demetrie is a Noble, tasked with carrying on his bloodline and maintaining the rigid caste system he has grown to despise. What begins as Demetrie’s most outrageous self-indulgence quickly evolves into something he never could have expected.




Published: December 2, 2012

It’s been several years since the end of the Mage wars. Those born with the taint of magic are sent to places like Spiretown, a city within a city that serves as a prison for its inhabitants. Logan Grey is the self-proclaimed mayor of this ghetto, but he’s suddenly found himself in some trouble, and he needs help from an unlikely source. Templar Battalion Commander Collin Anderfels is having a very bad week. His fiancée left him for his best friend, he was blown up in a raid gone wrong, and now he’s been forced to protect a man who represents everything that Collin loathes. Worse still is the fact that Logan Grey keeps saving his life, and he seems intent on bedding the young Commander, despite Collin's sometimes violent protests. Somehow, beyond prejudice and deceit these two unlikely partners find themselves becoming more than just allies, but can a love born from lies survive when the gates of hell are torn open?

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