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Excepts and information about current works in progress.


2014 "Don't Read in the Closet" anthology: "Loves Landscapes"

Well, it’s that time again! Once a year, the Goodread’s M/M Romance group puts together authors and readers to create something spectacular. Readers choose a photo that they like and write a small blurb/prompt in the form of a “dear author” letter. I swore this year that I wasn’t going to do it…but I’ve gone and chosen a prompt because I just couldn’t resist.


This one is a lot different than my usual fare. The story is the darkest one I have written to date, but I hope everyone likes it anyway! For anyone interested in reading some excerpts and seeing some great artwork contributed by fellow author Gabbo de la Parra and Daz 3D guest artist Cinchbug (who also did the cover for A King’s Ransom) click here. While I won’t be using these pieces, I was flattered that they both took such an interest in the characters to want to try and capture their renditions of them.

Mercury's Net

It's Mercury Fie's twenty-second birthday, and he wants to celebrate it with a bang.


Mercury Fie is a dangerous man. He's a sociopath with a soft spot for pretty things and children's cartoons, and he's about to become the worst thing that ever happened to one unlucky detective...

Michael's Story

After Count Michael Ferrier leaves the company of his best friend and former lover, he begins to feel some regret about the decisions he's made in his life. Add to that the fact that his pregnant wife is having
an affair with the new garderner, and things don't appear as if they can get much worse. But when the gardener begins taking more of an interest in Michael than his wife, Michael has to decide what risks he is willing to take to be happy, or if it's more important to maintain the status quo.

The Blood Nanny

Toby has a lot going against him lately. He's sick, broke, and about to be homeless. But when he is told of an opportunity to become a live-in assistant for a vampire, it sounds like his situation might be taking a turn for the better.


Flavian is a reclusive vampire, hovering somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. He's been sheltered from the world by his well-meaning (and embarrassed) family since the early 1900's. When his current human caretaker retires, he's left to try and deal with a strange young man who insists on trying to take Flavian as far outside of his comfort zone as a vampire can be.

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