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I always hesitate to do this, because the minute I say “here is what I am working on” the world splits in half (it really does!!- But only at my house), characters revolt, etc… etc… So, what I am working on now (since I have “safely” passed the dreaded 25k mark of early story death…*gulp*) is an M/M version of the first book I ever finished, my paranormal romance: The Loss of Sunlight.

I still think it’s a very interesting premise, but a lot of my m/m readers just aren’t interested (and I totally get it). However, I am writing this as a stand-alone, rather than changing every “she” to “he” and following an identical plot line (which, if anyone has read the original m/f version, you know the climax has a lot to do with Sylvie being female, and I’m not thinking “mPreg” makes sense in this case). Sylvie was also way too "girly" to just turn her into a boy.

There may be some elements of similarities, but this is going to have all new characters (sorry, Aiden!) and an entirely new story using the same (or a very similar) mythology.

Plans are to have it out by the end of this year (or else!), and I hope y’all will like it. ☠

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