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1,000 Words...

I know; I'm a little behind on my writing, as I have been shooting for 2 books a year (one novel and one novella-length). But the holidays and real life (suck!) got in the way. So I am shooting for 1,000 words a day, which seems reasonable, and by figuring out where I want my word-count to end up, it seems doable. Of course, knowing that I figured Spiretown would be about 25k long (it ended up at 80k+), and A King's Ransom at about 50k (er, final word count was triple that), my current guesstimate of 80k for my in-progress book might be way off.

Remaining positive (as I so seldom do), I'd like to have something out by the summer, and hopefully another one sometime around Christmas 2015. Thanks for bearing with me!

#writing #discipline #life

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