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Trying again.

I suck at marketing. I suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. But being an “indie author” in a genre within a genre within a genre makes one do desperate things to get noticed. A sandwich board on my front lawn and circus clowns following me everywhere would be less intimidating than social media (actually, the clowns might be just weird enough to be fun). But I tweeted (or twote, or twitted, or whatever the hell you call it) for the first time in months, and was shocked to realize I actually have a few people following me. Their numbers are small, but when I wrote my first book, my goal was to find just one fan (that wasn’t my mom/brother/best friend). I’m deliriously happy that I have more.

So—to those awesome people who have been so kind as to put up with my months of silence, I hope you’ll continue to support me if I start to make a little noise here and there. I’ll try not to make so much that you tell me to shut the hell up!

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